SELLBYTEL Sales Lab: A New Future In Inside Sales

What happens if you provide your sales employees with an exceptional work environment and tools? The SELLBYTEL Group has been testing just that with its “Sales Lab” for an Inside Sales team in Barcelona since the start of the year. We … Continue reading

SELLBYTEL Group: Implementation Of A New Global IT Organization

+++ Interview with Gerald Menzel, CIO SELLBYTEL Group +++ The SELLBYTEL Group has always strived for highest quality and efficiency – in all fields. Accordingly we have just set up a new global IT organization by merging our Spanish team … Continue reading

Outsourcing Strategies: Virtualization – The New Management Style (Part 1: The Theory)

Operating within an increasingly competitive environment, outsourcing specialists are constantly looking for new ways to meet their clients’ needs by enhancing quality, transparency, efficiency and flexibility. One way to achieve these goals is through the management style of projects. Centralizing … Continue reading

Good Manners International: Portugal

Last time, we introduced you to the key business manners in Malaysia, Southeast Asia. This time, we have a look at what business travelers in Portugal should remember when visiting the Western European nation. Portugal is home to one of … Continue reading

The opportunity of doing business in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is home to many of the world’s leading technology companies and thousands of small startup businesses, making it the largest concentration of technology companies in the United States. A leading hub for high-tech innovation and development, the region … Continue reading

Business trends and strategic opportunities in APAC and Silicon Valley

+++ SELLBYTEL Group Business Talk with VPs Brett Leonard and Eric Suzor +++ The SELLBYTEL Group continues its journey on the road to success: With constant global expansion and entrance to new markets. The APAC (Asia Pacific) region as well … Continue reading