Prezi Next is here! Interview with our very own Prezi expert Frieder Krauss

Prezi, the innovative web-based presentation tool, has just published its brand new “Prezi Next”. The former Prezi is now called Prezi Classic and will remain available to existing users for now. New users immediately have the chance to benefit from Prezi Next. So … Continue reading

Trends, Opportunities And Challenges In Outsourcing – Interview With Michael Raum

The outsourcing industry is constantly evolving and reinventing itself. But what exactly is happening and what is driving those changes? First of all, organizations realize that in order to meet their customers’ steadily growing demands, they require highly advanced skills … Continue reading

The SELLBYTEL Group Application Coach: Tips for the job interview

Part 4: What do I need to remember during the actual interview? In our new series „The SELLBYTEL Application Coach“, today I, Alexandra Kurtz, SELLBYTEL Group Head of Recruitment, give you more tips on the perfect application. In the job … Continue reading