Virtualization Continued: Home Office As A New Sourcing Capability

Virtualization is a major keyword when businesses with huge transaction volumes discuss the need to increase flexibility, reach out to new talent markets and become more independent from brick and mortar (office-based) space limitations. In order to cope with these … Continue reading

How to Manage Customer Experience Excellence – Part 1: The Theory

In today’s business realm, continuing innovation and strong competition make it difficult for companies to outperform competitors on a product basis alone. With new features quickly being copied or entering the market, the quality of the customer experience has become … Continue reading

Outsourcing Strategies: the Benefits of SPOC Management

Operating within an inherently competitive environment, outsourcing providers have to offer higher quality, transparency and flexibility than competitors to satisfy their clients’ needs. To ensure this, the management centralization of projects with one exclusive managing team for all global sites has … Continue reading

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Quality becomes personal – THE QUALITY AMBASSADOR

A decentralised organised private health insurance (PHI) with several customer service centers of different sizes faces a huge problem: How can you ensure the same level of service quality at all sites? Elaborate and expensive staff trainings improved the quality … Continue reading

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Social media outsourcing? Recommendations for successful social web coverage

As Christmas is getting closer, companies put a lot of marketing effort into special campaigns to boost brand image, sales and customer perception. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or any other platform, social media will certainly be utilized, as … Continue reading

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Transform your E-shop customer service from a cost center to a profit center

Many companies consider the customer service and users support as a cost. In case of E-commerce, these services are required by law because the procurement of services or the purchase of products online needs to offer different types of contact. … Continue reading