Best business podcast to still subscribe to this year – and keep listening to in 2019

Time is valuable, and we spend lots of it commuting, on the treadmill, walking the dog or cleaning the house. If you want to give your music playlist a break we suggest switching it up with some inspirational, educating, motivating and simply entertaining podcasts about successful entrepreneurs, side hustlers, technology geniuses and brave solopreneurs in general. Check out our favorites for our 2018 podcast update to follow through in 2019!

AI is the buzzword everywhere! But do you actually know how AI can support your everyday tasks, whether you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, decision maker or sales person? John invites different guest for each podcast episode that describe how AI powered technology has made their business more efficient or how deep learning tools helped to take a sports company to the next level. With episodes no longer than 45 minutes they are a fun and easy listen in an AI-world – even for newbies.

Social Pros Podcast

Marketing, social media, SEO and so much more – and you´ll hear it from the pros. Jay Bear (Convince & Convert) and Adam Brown (Salesforce) will probably share the most valuable tips you will ever hear about your social media success in under an hour. But you will also pick up some interesting views on how to build better human connections, how to make videos that will stop your viewers from scrolling and why LinkedIn is not your virtual CV for the world to see.

The Side Hustle Show

Did you always dream of taking that big step, go solo, become an entrepreneur? But you were not quite ready to do it fulltime and want to try your passion as a side hustle? Nick Loper will introduce a new guest, a new idea or a new success story of people who have either turned their side hustle into a fulltime career or have found a way to earn significant income with their part time hobbies or interest. Check out entertaining guests on the show who share their stories to financial freedom and happiness through their side hustle, from teaching piano lessons online to website reviews or renting bouncy castles. Real life stories will inspire you and give you valuable tips on how to use social media, automation and marketing tools that cost very little or are entirely free, to create a stream of passive income with very little time using your skills and passion.

How I built this

Guy Raz will not really tell you about how he built a shelf but will definitely ask his guest super fun and insightful questions about how they built their brand, social media presence or how they developed and marketed a cool and new product. Listen to inspirational stories about the founder of the “Method” cleaning products and Sandy Lerner´s incredible story of going from a programming genius at Cisco to developing and co-founding one of the absolutely best make up brands today, Urban Decay. With a 5 star rating in the iTunes podcast library this is one of our favorites…this year, last year, the year before and we suggest you add this to your library and learn about the coolest and most successful entrepreneurs and companies the next time you tune into your podcast.

Whats your absolutely favourite podcast? Share your tip for a great listen in our comment section.

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