Content creation and moderation for your customer

“Like”, “comment” and “recommend” are important keys to your online success. Most users would think that way. They are powerful tools to express their opinion, satisfaction or dissatisfaction with your brand. But content creation, content moderation, collecting feedback and providing extensive and quick solutions through social media outlets are another way to secure long-term success for happy and loyal customers and an improved customer journey.

Create and curate

Create new and engaging copy and visuals that your customers are excited to read – that’s the goal. Reality is quite a bit different and sometimes it is difficult and not manageable to create large amounts of content from scratch. This is where your curating content skills come into play. Find credible sites and resources that give your readers a benefit, compile their information (always link to them and cite them) and share it on your sites. There is lots of information out there available that perfectly aligns with your marketing strategy and it shows your readers that you are up to date with industry trends. More readers is another positive effect of curating content as it exposes you to a wider audience.

Monitor and moderate your content

Managing a community online is quite an extensive project. When implemented professionally, this can also unlock a large amount of detailed information and insight to increase performance and be ahead of competitors. Media listening, customer service, order management and many other services will all provide unique opportunities to impress customers and gain valuable insights into consumers behaviour that is otherwise much more difficult to analyze through metrics alone. Enabling each team member to offer quick solutions, for example by authorizing the most common transactions to be performed without a supervisor’s approval, allows them to provide competent moderation on the spot.

Collect feedback

Feedback gathered through content moderation, social listening and other tools like order management, can be extremely valuable. Customers will usually provide information about their experience on social media channels more freely than when directly approached to provide feedback, for example through questionnaires. Feedback provided immediately after the experience is also still “fresh” as opposed to customers providing information about their product or service experience at a later point when additional factors, for example if the vacation for which the suitcase was purchased was a pleasant one or not, come into play.

Considering a strategy to provide original content and a thorough community and customer service management for your brand can also lead to new innovations in many areas, from opportunities for service improvement to the innovation of new products.

How do you manage, plan and implement your social media moderation? We like to hear about it! Leave us a comment below and let’s start sharing interesting ideas.



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