Upgrading the customer experience

In a time where competition is fierce and varieties, selections and offers are plenty, how can you still “wow” your customers? Depending on the time, effort and money you can invest, and depending on the business or service you offer, there are still plenty of options available. Incredible customer service and providing a unique customer experience can give a company a competitive edge and provide additional touch-points for customer interaction as well as incentives for customers, apart from price points alone.

Companies that prioritize their customer experience can have much higher profits, and on the opposite end of the spectrum: an unpleasant customer experience can definitely cause customers to turn to a competitor.

How can you upgrade the customer experience?

Measure and analyze data that REALLY counts for you, your business and your customers.

Data availability is big and can be overwhelming. Randomly collecting all kinds of data and information can lead to data overload with little information to extract.

Is your aim to offer faster service and reply to your customer inquiries much quicker than you currently do? Then collecting data focused on the task to improve ticket time or turnaround might be sufficient and should be the focus. It is easy to be crushed by a mountain of available information, so try to collect, analyze and utilize only the data for the task at hand.

Deliver something unexpected

Customers have a certain expectation when buying a service or product. Upgrading the experience through something unexpected can really impress your customers. A famous coffee chain started offering dog friendly alternatives to their hot beverages when customers with a dog in the car pulled up for a coffee-to-go. Impressed with the consideration for their pet, happy customers quickly took to social media and the trend went viral. But impressing your customers can be as simple as including a hand written thank you note in a standard order or including a quick tip with an additional use for the ordered product, which offers the customer an extra benefit.

Invest in the quality of your product or service

Your customers are probably used to the quality of your product or service, but upgrading, or even just tweaking the quality a little bit, can have a huge impact on existing customers as well as new customers. Do you already offer exceptional quality? Imagine your customers’ surprise, if you find yet another way to impress them with a small improvement like better packaging. Small changes can have a huge impact when it comes to quality!

Ask, and ask regularly

Sure, everybody likes to be extremely successful in generating high revenues and growing a customer base. But not managing the feedback or a lack in soliciting feedback in the first place can cause a difficulty in achieving those goals in the long term. With many companies now being very involved in social media campaigns it is important to take this opportunity to interact with customers throughout the various steps in their journey. They might have a question about the product or usage or maybe they have a problem that requires immediate attention. But social media also created new opportunities to actively ask your customers for feedback.

Not only will you largely benefit from this valuable input, but leave the customer with a feeling of appreciation and care.

Listen to your customers: try to create a variety of experiences as well as services and consider individual needs. Targeting each customer segment and individual needs through customized campaigns will allow each group to benefit in an own specific way from the same product or service – by highlighting the features that might be the most significant to them. The very same gym membership package might be wrapped and promoted differently in order to target students, professional athletes or senior citizens individually by highlighting different benefits of the membership package that are relevant to their needs.

Consider this: when upgrading experiences and surprising customers – one size does not fit all. The more you customize your upgrade, the better it will fit your customers.

How do you upgrade your customers’ experience? Have you been positively surprised or amazed by an experience? Let us know, we love to hear from you.


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