Best business blogs of 2018 to follow

Blogs are fun, informative – and often contain a wealth of useful information. And the best news: There are plenty of them out there. Regardless if you are interested in the latest industry news or if you are an entrepreneur looking for tips, motivation or inspiration. Maybe you want to start your own business blog or maybe you are interested in a specific topic like artificial intelligence or are looking for marketing advice– there is something for everybody out there.

We have compiled a little overview of our favorite blogs for 2018.

For those who like to stay motivated

Read up on tips how to boost your productivity and reading speed or find out about different takes on how to make habits stick. The blog by founder Thai Nguyen is a perfect motivational mix from tips to feel better physically, to inspirational articles on mental well-being and on how to start and lead a happy and successful life.  

If you are in serious need of some motivational pep talk, facts and inspirational stories from the most successful people out there – this blog is for you. The blog offers a great mix of videos and articles and is divided into sections like success, lifestyle, or productivity – with lots of famous faces. With numerous features on Forbes and The Huffington Post this blog is probably one of the most popular professional and motivational business blogs out there today.

For entrepreneurs and start-ups

This blog offers loads of information for entrepreneurs, start-ups and anyone thinking about taking the leap into a self-employed future. The site is neatly structured and lets you go straight to the area you are interested in through the tabs at the top like entrepreneur, start-ups or success. Cool feature: It has an overview of some truly amazing podcasts to listen to and follow!

From tech-tips and short hacks to customer service topics and views on how artificial intelligence can change the way we work. You´ll also find plenty of information on entrepreneurship and cultural topics. The blog is focused on images and a short headline which takes you to your topics of interest. Compared to other blogs, this favorite also shares inspiring and helpful posts about creativity, self-development and design.

For marketing fans

While destination marketing is their specialty, this marketing insights blog picks up on cool and relevant information across all areas and channels – digital, search, social media, etc. Combined with expert insights on best practises this is a very user-friendly blog for all marketing interested readers. With over three decades of expertise, they cover everything from event marketing to strategic partnerships (fun feature: it’s a video blog post).

Tech-focused and AI-inspired

Whether you are interested in the latest tech updates from Facebook (we learned that they now have their own time unit, called a Flick, which is 1/705,000,000 of a second), or want to read about how artificial intelligence can assist in re-housing people. Deep learning and the future of our tech-driven society are a big focus.  Neatly packed in categories, you can either casually browse various topics or go straight to areas like “Enhanced Humans” or “Robots & Machines” that interest you.

With plenty of new amazing blogs and sources of information popping up each year, month and week, we like to stay on top of our reads and topics that are relevant for us and influence the way we work. Sometimes the difficulty is the task of sorting through all the valuable information out there. With that said, our top tip if you are overwhelmed with good ideas:! This blog focuses on simplicity and is a real game-changer to stay motivated and inspired in your personal and business life this year.

What is your favourite blog that you follow and would like to recommend to others? Let us know, we would love to hear from you.


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