Interview with SELLBYTEL’s operation trainees

We are all about tracking, developing and keeping talent. That’s why we established our operations management trainee program at our headquarters in Nuremberg in late 2016. After all, what better way could there be to come across the next big executive? We wanted to know how our new trainees Rebekka Müller and Philipp Dorn have spent their time with us since their start in June 2017 and what they have planned for the remainder of their traineeship.

Rebekka and Philipp, please introduce yourselves and tell us some more about your time before SELLBYTEL.

Rebekka: I am 26 years old and grew up near Fulda, Germany. I studied Sports, Economics and Law at the University of Bayreuth, Germany. During my studies, I spent a semester abroad in Madrid and did an internship in Mexico City.

Philipp: I am 27 and originally from Fuerth, Bavaria. I did my Master’s in Management in Vienna, Austria, and spent some time in China, Indonesia and the UK. In June, I started my operations management traineeship with SELLBYTEL.

How have you spent your time with us since you first started?

Rebekka: I already had the chance to get an insight into two different projects and I collaborated closely with our Bid Desk and Account Management. Another really interesting part of my traineeship is the Six Sigma Green Belt course, which I currently participate in. To receive the certification, my project team and I work on an improvement plan to increase the customer satisfaction for one of our key projects at our headquarters in Nuremberg.

Philipp: The last few months have been very exciting and I have learned a lot. I had the opportunity to work in one of our projects within the audio lifestyle field. I was part of the team for almost four months. After the first two months, I was appointed stand-in operations manager for three weeks, due to a vacation leave of the actual operations manager. The team of almost 70 customer service specialists welcomed me kindly and I was quickly integrated in all processes and procedures.

Which departments are you currently based in and what are your tasks?

Rebekka:I am currently based in our project for a leading German employment agency. Together with the program manager I manage the daily operational tasks. We optimize processes, such as the initial training of new employees, we analyze call flows and service level agreements, and we regularly meet with the client to exchange feedback.

The trainee program also involves a stay at one of our international locations. What have you planned?

Rebekka: The Six Sigma Green Belt course takes place at our hub in Barcelona, so I have already had a taste of our Spanish business. At the beginning of next year, I will be involved in a project in Barcelona as well as Lisbon. I really look forward to working with my international colleagues.

Philipp: I had the possibility to work abroad as well. Last month, I was in Lisbon working for one of our sales projects. The team and I spent our time preparing the quarterly business review and defining the strategy for the upcoming winter period. Right now, I support the overhead of one of our sports fashion programs in Barcelona. I manage different tasks, like schedule planning, feedback analysis and the development of an incentive program.

What are your plans for your future with SELLBYTEL?

Rebekka: I will finish my traineeship by mid next year. I am confident that until then I will have gained enough experience to lead my own team. I would love to have my own dynamic and multicultural team.

Philipp: I look forward to being an operations manager and collaborating closely with clients and internal departments to accomplish the best results for both our partners and SELLBYTEL.

What made you choose the SELLBYTEL trainee program in the first place?

 Rebekka: I was instantly intrigued by the company’s international character.

Philipp: I also enjoy working in an international environment a lot. Within this trainee program, we get to spend a good amount of time working abroad and we also have the chance to work with people from the most diverse departments and backgrounds.

Finally, what are your tips to those interested in a traineeship with SELLBYTEL?

Rebekka: I would say: strive for a career in an international and challenging setting, show your skills, be innovative and drive change.

Philipp: If you are interested in a traineeship at SELLBYTEL, you have to be flexible as well as open-minded, especially when it comes to new challenges.

Thanks a lot for the interesting talk and all the best for your traineeship!

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