Do it right – the right use of social media

There is no doubt, social media has long played a major part in promoting your own business, a product, or even yourself. We all have our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles that regularly need to be fed with the latest updates on our busy lives. But social media is also gaining momentum in a business environment.

For businesses and professionals alike, it comes down to establishing a focused, thorough and compelling presence on the key social media outlets.

Wait a minute, everyone’s talking about social media today, but what is it exactly?

Social Media is defined as digital media and technologies allowing users to interact and create different media content online – the emphasis being on the exchange of ideas, experiences and opinions.

The stats speak for themselves …

Here are some stats, displaying the growing value of social media:

A Bitcom study from 2016 suggests that 79 % of all people aged 14-49 are active members in social media networks.

A BVDW study further shows that 38 % of all German companies used social media as a marketing instrument in 2014, in 2015 the figure rose to a considerable 79 %, and in 2016 to over 90 %. Without a doubt, social media is here to stay.

A ranking of the biggest social networks and messengers based on the number of monthly active users from January 2017 (in million) reveals that Facebook, Whatsapp and YouTube clearly lead the race. In June, Facebook actually hit the 2 billion mark. Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter follow with way less followers (less than 30 % of Facebook’s followers) (

Statista also asked businesses, which social media platform was the most important for them. Unsurprisingly, Facebook leads with 62 %, followed by LinkedIn with 16 % and Twitter with 9 %.

What do we learn from that?

Whether you run a small, local business, or lead a global enterprise, the above numbers clearly show: your customers are online. So make sure to be around answering their need for information, recommendations and entertainment. Grab the opportunity and grow lasting, scalable relationships with your customer base through social media. After all, these relationships create the basis for what could eventually become one of your greatest marketing assets: customer advocacy – a trait that can support your brand during both the good and the bad times.

This relationship can only be earned over time through continuous and positive engagement with your target audience. Hence create memorable, enjoyable experiences and deliver top notch customer service. People will start to share their opinions and experiences with their peers – the best marketing a brand could ever ask for!

It’s all about integration

Another important thing to remember: social media should strengthen your existing brand by being an extension and voice of all business departments, including branding, public relations, advertising or sales. Thus, integrate it fully into the mix and thereby create a cohesive experience for your customers.

So which channels are the key ones for SELLBYTEL?

Next to the more specifically content-based channels, like Xing, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, Vimeo, SELLBYTEL focuses on these four channels: Facebook, LinkedIn, Blog and YouTube.

Promoting these channels, our prime objectives are: information management, customer retention, recruitment, increase of website traffic and search engine optimization.

One particularly important factor for us is always: relevance. Especially when it comes to Facebook, we launch a number of different campaigns that are highly relevant to our key target groups: applicants, (potential) clients and employees. Have a look at our Facebook page for our various campaigns, including business news, videos, jobs, health & lifestyle tips, events, and much more.

One key aspect of reputation management includes the processing of personal messages on Facebook. While these often consist of positive feedback on campaigns, jobs or events, of course there can also be times of criticism and discontent.

In this case, it is key to reply quickly, be understanding, use friendly wording, avoid negative terms, and communicate your next step.

Now you might be wondering: how do we manage all those channels, different pages and campaigns all at once? Our way forward is a so-called social media management tool. This allows us to schedule multiple posts on different pages, and view a detailed plan as well as analytics on previous posts and their performance.

SELLBYTEL’s social media management partnership

We have been providing social media, order and community management for our partner, a worldwide leading sports fashion brand for a while. See what we do exactly and what we have achieved so far by reading our case.

SELLBYTEL’s Business School Day

We are always willing to share our knowledge, attract new talent and display our vast competences. We recently hosted an interactive event with a regional business school at our headquarters in Nuremberg.

We used the day to give a number of educational professionals an insight into the latest strategies and tools within SELLBYTEL’s global social media strategy.

Finally, what does it come down to?

The pressure of standing out above the noise in social media can create unhealthy behaviors like over posting, lack of engagement and an impersonal touch. Here are a few tips to help you establish an engaging social media strategy:

  • Quality over quantity: a few high quality posts are way better than overwhelming your followers with uninteresting topics
  • Be different: take the creative, unusual route and surprise your readers with your content
  • Engage: always make sure to talk to your network and show them you care
  • Choose the right channels: not every channel might be relevant to your specific target audience, so select wisely
  • Be cohesive: that doesn’t mean you have to post the same content everywhere, but there certainly should be a common theme and brand recognition across channels
  • Mix it up: Have a good mix of original content, company features, and industry news

Do you want to find out more about how our social media skills can push your business forward as well? Contact us via

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