Blogs on AI Trends – keep ahead of the curve

Staying on top of the latest trends and developments, engaging in challenging discussions or finding useful information about the latest AI inventions and research is extremely important.

With an increased demand for cloud based services and the IoT, a rising demand for more sophisticated and automated products in various sectors and higher expectations for data security, the landscape for AI supported outsourcing solutions is quickly adapting as well.

From big data implementation to augmented reality and deep learning – there are many topics that are highly relevant for our outsourcing competences and solutions. Many AI technology experts cover a variety of exciting research and development topics on their blogs. Here are our top picks:

aitrends – The business and technology of AI

Whether it’s the latest applications in AI developments or the rising trend in implementing AI technologies in search engine optimization. This blog covers all the current topics right on the front page. Additional sources like webinars or bot research are also easy to find and to navigate.


This blog focuses on making the latest artificial intelligence research and findings available to the public. From machine learning to the infrastructure of deep learning or the human feedback training process – everything is available with a single click and displayed in highly visual graphics.

Chatbot´s Life

A very entertaining and highly specialized blog about chatbots and their future use, implementation, development and design. Articles like “deep learning on social networks” also cover trending topics about the use of chatbots in social media environments.


AI-driven service solutions will complement and enhance the customer experience, generating a growing demand for outsourcing specialists. Resources to inform, update and also entertain an audience about the latest developments will become equally important.

Big data, cloud computing and the improved customer experience through implementation of AI powered tools are all advancements we can use to power our solutions for our partners.

With almost three decades of specialized experience in offering customized solutions, we are dedicated to our partner’s needs globally.

Would you like to read more inspirational articles about this and many other relevant topics? Find our latest edition of The HUB magazine here.

What are your favorite AI blogs? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below.

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