Prezi Next is here! Interview with our very own Prezi expert Frieder Krauss

Prezi, the innovative web-based presentation tool, has just published its brand new “Prezi Next”. The former Prezi is now called Prezi Classic and will remain available to existing users for now. New users immediately have the chance to benefit from Prezi Next. So what does that mean for the presentation tool market, new users and our Prezi Academy?

We asked Frieder Krauss, experienced Trainer at aha! TALENT EXPERTS, officially certified Prezi expert and leader of the Prezi Academy in Nuremberg.

Frieder, are you surprised by the launch of Prezi Next?

No, not really. Prezi experts have had the chance to get regular insights into the continuous development of the classic Prezi software for about two years now. So I have known for a while where the journey will go and I look forward to finally starting this new venture. To me some developments were overdue!

Which new developments are you referring to?

Prezi Next is not based on Flash anymore, so it is even more compatible with all possible browsers and devices, especially iPads and iPhones. Besides, it runs even more stable and smooth. It lets users create highly modern presentations in almost no time – with less obstacles than before.

So there are still obstacles?

Obstacles might be the wrong term. Maybe you should say little hurdles. In order to explain this, I have to go a bit more into detail: Prezi Next is perfect for so-called “conversational presenting”, because it is not based on slides, but rather a theoretical and extensive screen. With the help of this screen you can focus on any desired content at any time depending on the needs of the presenter or the audience – and do that much more elegantly than with the slide based system, like PowerPoint, Keynote, Slides, and so on. Especially in sales Prezi is ideal if you want to be able to adapt to the client’s wishes – at any time during the presentation.

At the same time, linear presenting has established itself over the last decades. Particularly in a professional context the term presentation is often used as a synonym for PowerPoint. Thus users have become used to the slide system. So when it comes to Prezi Next the trained and regular use of slides is rather limiting than helpful. That’s what I mean by little hurdles: getting away from the slide format we are all so used to.

So Prezi Next is not suitable for a very linear pitch or a speech?

Yes, it is. Prezi can also offer great benefits there. Which other presentation tool gives presenters the opportunity to visualize their story so diversely and keep the audience updated on the overall structure of their contents and contexts at all times?

Sounds complicated …

Our trainings at the Prezi Academy start off with this question. All skeptics will be convinced otherwise as soon as they got used to the very intuitive, logical user interface and create their first test Prezis. Impressive Prezis will be designed very quickly and look like they were created by a fancy design agency.

In short: Prezi Next is easier to learn and flash-free. Any other news?

Yes, in connection with analytics, Prezi Next offers sensational insights into the effect and reach of Prezi presentations sent out via email – especially for the use in sales and marketing. Which client / interested audience has looked at which topic within my Prezi for how long and which parts were less interesting? Based on that the remaining sales process and following presentations can be prepared more efficiently.

So far Prezi has been known much more as a young medium with many heavy users at schools and universities. Prezi Next seems to be more targeted towards the corporate crowd, is that correct?

 Yes, absolutely. Licenses for educational facilities will still be available and Prezi Next will be applied a lot at universities, but at the same time the number of professional users in companies will rise, also because the management of team accounts has become easier and the administration of bigger user groups can now be managed more effectively.

Thus, as of now Prezi Classic does not play a role anymore within the Prezi Academy?

We certainly continue to support our existing clients in their use of Prezi Classic, if needed. So we are happy to offer our classic Prezi training for users with a Classic account in the future. But of course we now also provide Prezi Next seminars – completely reworked and optimized.

And when will the next seminar take place?

Well, we will have one last minute slot in May for individual participants. Plus, we continue to provide in-house trainings for teams.

Do you also want to take advantage of the new Prezi Next? Find all details here or get in touch directly with Frieder Krauss

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