Career In The Fast Lane – Interview With Our Trainees

At the beginning of October three young college graduates made their way to Nuremberg to join the SELLBYTEL Group. With our new management trainee program Gina, Jasmin and Julian – recently Lukas followed – laid the foundation for a promising professional future. In this interview they talk to us about their experiences, expectations and goals and what is so special about SELLBYTEL.

First of all we’d like to know what your careers look like so far. Please start by shortly introducing yourselves!

Jasmin: Sure. I am Jasmin, 27, from Goettingen. I studied International Management near Ansbach, Bavaria. During my studies I spent some time in Peru, the US and Spain.

Gina: I am Gina, 22, from Hanover. I studied business with sport management. During my Bachelors I studied in England, New Zealand and Argentina.

Lukas: I am Lukas, 27, and I am also from Hanover. I just finished my Masters in Business Management at Goettingen University.

Julian: I am Julian, 22, from Regensburg. I studied Business with Finance there and spent an exciting semester abroad in Lisbon.

You’ve been with us for a few months now … How do you like it so far and how have you spent your time?

Gina: I think I speak for all of us, when I say that the last few months were very exciting and also challenging. We change departments every three months, so that means we are now in our second department – apart from Lukas. I was already in Account Management and recently joined the Biddesk.

Jasmin: I have been in Controlling since recently. Before that I worked at the Biddesk where I had the same responsibilities as a Consultant. That included working on RFPs and preparing presentations.

Julian: I was in Controlling already, where I mainly worked in Project Controlling. I found the management of one of our projects at our hub in Prague particularly interesting and challenging. In January I went into Account Management.

Lukas: I started here at the beginning of January and I am currently in the Operations department. I was fully integrated from the start and immediately became an integral member of the team.

That sounds very exciting … What do you most enjoy about your work so far?

Gina: I find it very exciting to collaborate with colleagues from all over the world. My motivated team here in Nuremberg greatly supports me as well.

Jasmin: I find it very interesting to get to know and understand our different clients, their varying cultures, products / services as well as their philosophies and needs more throughout time.

What do you wish for your future with SELLBYTEL?

Lukas & Julian: Julian and I want to get an even better insight into the different tasks of the individual departments and the company as a whole. So this program is just right, if you aren’t sure yet what you would like to specialize in. Building a broad network is also very important to me.

Gina: Jasmin and I are really looking forward to our stay abroad and of course many more exciting tasks. I plan to spend a few months at our hub in Lisbon or Barcelona in Operations later this year.

Talking about internationality … what else is planned here?

Julian: This year I will go to Kuala Lumpur and support our colleagues from project management for a while. I really look forward to this new challenge!

Lukas: I will also be in Kuala Lumpur, however I will join the Controlling team.

And finally … Why SELLBYTEL for a Trainee program?

Julian: By covering various areas of SELLBYTEL I get the chance to discover my strengths and develop my skills further. Besides, the trainee progream has this special international flavor and we get to collaborate closely with our colleagues. That’s really unique!

Jasmin: SELLBYTEL works with the top global brands. That has impressed me from the start. The trainee program at SELLBYTEL only lasts 18 months, by the way, instead of 24, like with other companies. That is a real benefit.

Thanks a lot for the interesting chat and all the best for your future with SELLBYTEL!

Do you want to start your career just as successfully? Apply now for our Management Trainee program!

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