Giving sales people the right tools to succeed

It’s a tough sales world out there and if you want your clients to notice you, you will have to do something worth noticing. It is likely your clients won´t care about your past achievements. Clients do care about their needs for their customers and the problems they are facing in the increasingly competitive selling market. If you want to stand out, you will need the right (and latest) sales acceleration tools. But what´s out there that is new, that you have not utilized yet?

We have put together the latest industry favourites to give you the edge and put you a step ahead.

  • Do you find it hard to schedule an appointment with your client? Consider adding a scheduling link to your sales E-mail / correspondence. Showing a potential customer your availability in real time might encourage them to book a time for a call or meeting with you right away, if presented with the option. There are many tools that enable scheduling for clients, for example: or
  • Monitor your traffic better and learn about the consumer journey. Keep track of when your E-mails are clicked and learn from analytics about which headlines get more views than others in real time and without having to sign up for a whole other class on analytics. is just an example for one provider that sums up all the digital intelligence you need to succeed.
  • Consider adding a visitor tracking tool to gain better insight on customers that visit your site and don’t convert, the most famous being offered by Google Analytics. Find out what their journey to your site included and what your general visitors’ profile is to better tailor your sites and mailing efforts. Learn more about what your potential buyers are interested in and what qualifies them as your lead.
  • On average a sale only happens after the 5th follow up. So stay in touch with your client and let the latest tools available help you with this. For example, FollowUp will remind you when it is time to get in touch and will also show E-mails opened (and click through rates) from your last mailing to your customer.
  • Save time and impress your client with your background knowledge. You are about to meet a prospect or engage into some form of communication and need a quick sum-up of their revenue, business portfolio or other related data? Tools like CharlieApp will quickly sum up all the pre-defined information into a one pager and give you all the relevant facts.

All of these tools are thought to complement each other. Do not overload one E-mail with five little animated videos. Don’t forget the basics and be prepared to get connected through any medium at any time. Carry extra chargers, a keyboard to hook up to your phone should you have to get in touch with a client on the road, etc. Don’t forget the importance of the human factor: motivate, train and coach your team and yourself frequently. While this is an often neglected fact as time is tight for sales professionals, employees and clients alike, it might be the most important one. Being motivated and up to date on tools and data can be the one thing you have to impress your client.

Want to schedule an appointment with us? We promise to take our own advice!



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