Best Business Podcasts 2016: Our Suggestions

Podcasts have been around for over a decade, but if you are also somebody who has not used this amazing and educational tool to its fullest effect in the past, here are our suggestions for you. We have put together a small selection of highly enjoyable podcasts for the entrepreneurial mind.


Extremely informative podcast with a marketing title, but including many episodes about highly informative topics like „The Physics of Brands “and „Brand Engagement for B2B “. Various guests, often successful authors from related literature provide short interviews that usually last no longer than 30 minutes and are interesting for a much broader audience not only marketing specialists.

SixPixels of Separation

Probably one of the most versatile business podcasts out there. While the content is marketing focused in general, this podcast also covers very interesting topics like „Non-obvious Trends for 2017“ and the „Promise and Future of Technolgoy“. It also includes personal improvement episodes such as „Ego is the Enemy“ seeking to help with advice on how to overcome your ego in an entrepreneurial environment. With many episodes running close to one hour in length these are some of the longer podcasts.


A very entertaining podcast covering many customer focused topics like suggestions on “Improving the Customer Experience” to “Personas” to better understand the levels of service you should implement. Customer lifetime values are also discussed thoroughly. With an average length of 30 minutes and a wide variety of customer service topics brought to you by many different hosts, this podcast really stays quite entertaining.

The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling

If you have a passion for selling, this is possibly the go-to podcast for you. But if you are looking for the right motivation to become passionate and want to be a sales professional that knows how to turn first contacts into meaningful business relationships – this is also the podcast for you. While many sales topic are covered, the host also offers valuable advice on B2B marketing and social media challenges without sugar-coating any topics. The hosts call it the facts without the fluff. The episodes are a bit longer and have a playtime of 40 minutes to an hour.

The Advanced Selling Podcast

Excellent audio quality and entertaining hosts will get you excited about sales strategies, action plans and facts on how to use emails as a prospecting tool more effectively than you ever have. They combine their professional background in consulting services with personal anecdotes in episodes that last nothing more than a short walk to the store.

The “December Action Plan”, for example, takes 15 enjoyable minutes to listen to, but might inspire you to pick up that phone and call your customers today. Find an opportunity to amaze them one last time this year.

We found these podcasts on iTunes but they may be available from other providers as well. To find them simply type their title in the search. Let us know which podcast you enjoyed most or tell us if you can recommend a different one altogether. We love to hear from you! 

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