SELLBYTEL Recruiting Tips: How To Win The Right People In Sales, Service & Support

Here’s the thing: a lot of successful businesses are fully aware of their greatness. Especially when it comes to hiring, they decide to rest on their laurels assuming that fame was everlasting. The reality, though, is the challenge companies face to actually keep applicants coming in today’s constant battle for talent. So what is the long-term guarantor to a company’s success? The key is: finding and keeping the right people! After all, a business’s success largely depends on its employees.

The SELLBYTEL Group has been facing this challenge ever since it started to provide its clients with highly personalized sales, service and support solutions. But how exactly do we tackle this challenge? This is where our Head of Recruitment Strategy, Helena Stepanow, comes in. In this following discussion she shows how to best track down and retain your staff, demonstrating what SELLBYTEL’s recruiting strategy is really made of.

The background

Helena starts by outlining: “We are seeing a very high demand in finding the right people in our sales, service and technical support programs. And here our key goal is to always make sure our services provide our clients with utmost flexibility, so they can reliably react to their customers’ needs – even during peak times. Especially in these high volume times, we need to find the most suitable people within a very short time frame. Let me give you an idea of the scope of our recruiting efforts: in 2015, we hired more than 850 people in Germany alone, which equals about 10 % of our total worldwide employee count – a pretty impressive number!”

The structure

This high staffing demand naturally requires a clear distribution of tasks, highly diverse roles and a great level of responsibility for every single team member. Our strong specialization, though, is what really makes us stand out. We have dedicated recruiting specialists for every branch of our business, including sales, service and support. These specialist recruiters target the respective candidate markets proactively and through various channels. These mainly include social media, employee referrals, job boards or cooperation with the federal employment agency.

At the same time, we also employ a number of recruiting generalists, who are able to cover a broad range of topics and thereby make us very flexible.

The curve

So that’s the framework. But how do you really manage to differentiate and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to finding the best talents for your partner?

According to Helena, “it all starts with a profound knowledge of your clients’ individual needs as to their desired staff. So that means, put yourself in the client’s shoes and make sure you fully understand their goals and expectations.

Plus, you need to be able to screen and judge candidate profiles very early on. This will help you identify if there is a potential match for the respective position to be filled. How do we do that, though? We do not judge the book by its cover, but we aim to discover hidden talents and think outside the box in a first phone interview. Hence there is surely no stencil for reviewing candidate profiles.

Respectively, we collaborate closely with Account Management and Operations to fully understand the required characteristics of the candidate. This includes knowledge sharing or exchange as well as the close coordination of strategies.

Working in the dynamic field of people business, parameters change all the time. So you have to audit and adjust your internal processes, strategies and tools on a regular basis to make sure you stay ahead of the competition.”

Here is an example: the SELLBYTEL recruitment at our headquarters in Nuremberg is currently reviewing all of its internal procedures in terms of the candidate experience. This term originates from the area of Customer Relationship Management. And in connection with Human Resources it defines all the impressions collected by an applicant throughout the application process with an employer.

Helena explains: “Since we are a very customer driven organization, we figured: why not apply it to our field and give the candidate an outstanding experience across all recruiting steps – from the initial spark (i.e. reading the job ad) to the onboarding process. The goal is to give the applicant the most pleasant application process and thereby draw a very positive picture of our business from the start. This becomes perfectly visible in the high average ratings of our application process on a leading German employer rating platform.”

SELLBYTEL also knows that all future employees are the enablers of a business’s long-term success. Respectively, permanent employee training and development is crucial. In fact, our individualized training schemes regularly help us generate tomorrow’s executives from our own ranks. Plus, specifically our effective customer service trainings help us lift our customer satisfaction rates on a regular basis – resulting in a remarkable average CSAT rate of 90 % across all our projects.

In addition, activity is decisive. That means we show commitment and diligence at all times. This includes the constant optimization of our quality approach, such as reviewing the right channels. The digital age sees candidate markets changing quickly and our peers behave differently when looking for a job compared to five years ago.

Helena finally adds: “You always have to focus on your specific target audience. Especially when recruiting for our top clients, we have to make sure we invest our time in the most efficient way. But how do we find the right candidates? We appreciate that every project is different – and so the target audience differs as well. We always ask ourselves: where are the candidates? Which social media platforms do they use? What do they respond to? How should we communicate with them throughout the process?”

The People

Jim Collins, American business consultant, author and lecturer, perfectly sums this up: “Those who build great companies understand that the ultimate throttle on growth … is one thing above all others: the ability to get and keep enough of the right people.” (Jim Collins, Good to Great)

So here is our bottom line: it’s all about finding and keeping the right people and enabling your employees, so they have the best possible skills, tools and flexibility to hire the most suitable candidates!


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