Trends, Opportunities And Challenges In Outsourcing – Interview With Michael Raum

The outsourcing industry is constantly evolving and reinventing itself. But what exactly is happening and what is driving those changes? First of all, organizations realize that in order to meet their customers’ steadily growing demands, they require highly advanced skills and strong expertise. So one trend should be clear: we will continue to see companies developing even more diverse portfolios of external specialists that assist them with meeting their customers’ needs.

On the occasion of the SELLBYTEL Group’s recent 28 year anniversary, founder and CEO Michael Raum takes the opportunity to talk about the current trends, opportunities and challenges in the outsourcing industry – from his point of view. And of course he also tells us how SELLBYTEL has managed to always stay ahead of the game.

Mr. Raum, how is the outsourcing industry generally developing and what are the biggest challenges right now?

Well, first of all, clients more than ever expect top service quality and highest efficiency. The key here is steady innovation. You constantly have to get better and be more forward-thinking.

What are the opportunities arising from that?

Since many clients nowadays feel like they don’t receive top service quality, we, for instance, take this as an opportunity to continuously become better at what we do – especially when it comes to our efficiency level. And if we are more efficient, we also become more affordable. Once again, this requires a great deal of innovative thinking.

I like to think of our approach to innovation as “disruptive innovation”. That means we start an innovative process in a small, unspectacular niche of an industry by initially targeting a fairly small segment of customers with the help of new technology or business models. And once the new service or product has picked up speed, it turns into a dominating market factor and rules out other established businesses’ offers.

So, in your view, what is outsourcing really about nowadays?

It is definitely all about quality and efficiency as well as having a very clear business strategy. The client simply has to see a distinct strategy in everything you do.

The SELLBYTEL Group has just turned 28. How do you manage to stay such a young and fresh company after so many years?

We always follow our goals by constantly innovating as well as questioning our strategy. This is how we manage to get better all the time and reinvent ourselves.

And, we make sure to do exactly what we presented to the client. Hence keeping promises is very important to us.

Plus, we’re all about our people and the solutions they deliver. So we want to prove to ourselves every day that we have people with fresh ideas. By fresh I mean that we are not afraid of taking a wholly different direction sometimes, contrary to what people would expect. You see, we experiment a lot. And at the same time we listen carefully to what our clients’ customers want.

By the way, I am fully convinced that our 28 years are a great advantage for us. The enormous experience we collected over the years has helped us keep a cool head in so many situations.

Thus if you ask our clients why we have been successful for so many years, they would certainly say: SELLBYTEL is reliable, efficient, transparent, fresh, goal-oriented and has a very distinct strategy!

And finally, what will the next few years look like for SELLBYTEL?

We will certainly continue to transform and reassemble regularly. That includes both providing new services and covering new niches. So to come back to my previous comment on disruptive innovation: we will start off with new business models in relatively small markets and then expand quickly through innovation.

In short, we will strive to remain the quality leader that offers its partners maximum reliability, transparency and efficiency.

Mr. Raum, thanks a lot for the interesting interview!

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