SELLBYTEL Group Establishes New Sales Organization: Global Account Development – Interview with Stefan Schmidt, Global Sales Director

The SELLBYTEL Group has long been known for its permanent strive to strengthen existing partnerships and uncover new potentials. Right now, we demonstrate this once more with the creation of a new organization, our “Global Account Development”. It will be operational as of November 1, 2016.

This entirely new organization will be led by Stefan Schmidt in his new role as Global Sales Director. Stefan joined the SELLBYTEL Group in 2010 as an Inside Sales Account Manager for one of our client programs. Within his first year, he joined the Center of Competence as a Consultant, which was followed by his next career step into Account Management one year later. For 5 years, he has been part of the Global Account Management team for one of our key clients. Last year, he took over the worldwide responsibility for the same client’s Printing and Computing unit as the Account Director.

In this interview he tells us all about this new organization and its goals.

Stefan, what is this new organization about and what are its objectives?

In general, there is no change or new organization within SELLBYTEL without focusing on our clients and their specific needs.

The new organization will be embedded into our client management eco system consisting of the Center of Competence and Account Management. As part of this system, the Global Account Development will expand SELLBYTEL’s reach towards existing clients. That includes new departments, regions and countries, which are not yet working with SELLBYTEL. The goal is to share our knowledge, our visions, and our ideas: besides, we want to add value to the services they deliver to their external and/ or internal customers.

Altogether, the new organization will focus on areas where SELLBYTEL can add a strong value to existing clients in sales, support, and service.

With this organizational change, our Account Management will be able to focus even more on understanding our global partners’ strategies, needs and goals. We will act as a close consultant rather than just a service specialist. With this change, we reinforce what has made SELLYBTEL so successful over the years: being a strong, trusted advisor and partner to our clients – rather than selling services simply for the sake of selling.

This reinforced individual care will help us develop even more innovative solutions. Thus, will improve our customer care as well as drive significant growth in our existing global partnerships.

That includes implementing more programs on a global scale. We thereby strengthen our footprint in North and South America, EMEA as well as APAC.

As an additional great side effect for us internally, the Global Account Development will expand our internal career path. So we offer a perfect outlook for our current and future talents.

And what will the Global Account Development look like in detail?

The team will consist of several experienced Sales Managers and myself. We take care of the global sales in well-chosen existing global partnerships. In other words, our Sales Managers will exploit new areas within existing top clients’ businesses. This includes both geographic reach and services from the whole SELLBYTEL service portfolio.

Is the new organization located at SELLBYTEL’s headquarters in Nuremberg?

No, not necessarily. The team is not geographically bound to any region, country or city. The Sales Managers can be located anywhere in the world, wherever our clients need us and wherever our proximity will add value. We will begin with a number of Sales Managers at our headquarters and in Asia. And at the beginning of next year, we will hire additional team members to increase our coverage.

What is your role exactly about?

I see myself as a mentor. With my five years of experience in the Global Account Management team, I have gone through many customer scenarios. Thus I have gained vast experience, which I will share with my team. Of course my role is also about driving important relationships and supporting my team in decisive client scenarios. Not to forget the goals we need to achieve. This can only be done with a well-working and powerful team.

Which success factors do you see as essential?

First of all, it is crucial for us to align internally between departments and leverage our experience, footprint and best practices. This includes all departments, but especially Account Management, Center of Competence and our Operations with its deep understanding of processes and client approaches.

We need to further ensure that we are always on the same page and have a clear direction towards our clients’ goals and requirements.

So we have high expectations on the new Global Account Development team. Being part of this team requires a deep understanding of our partnerships and programs across the globe.

This brings me directly to the next success factor: the hiring and onboarding plan combined with our tough timeline. Hence we will work closely with all our worldwide organizations, including training, recruitment and quality.  That’s how we make sure to hire the best talents and to bring them up to speed, equipped with the necessary knowledge.

The central success factor, however, is our customer satisfaction. It is by far our most important objective.

Thanks a lot for the interesting insight and good luck with the launch of the new organization!

Are you a true sales talent and team player with the drive to achieve something big? Then apply as a Sales Manager for our new Global Account Development Team

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