SELLBYTEL Launches New Management Trainee Program – Interview with Markus Schoellmann and Markus Klamert

The SELLBYTEL Group has always dedicated itself to developing young talents and bringing forward the next big future executives. So right now we put this into action once more by starting an exciting new Trainee format at our headquarters in Nuremberg in October.

Now this is the perfect opportunity to get all details from our Program Supervisors Markus Schoellmann (Vice President Strategy) and Markus Klamert (Vice President Global Key Accounts). Plus, former Trainee and now International Project Manager Lisa Ordner gives us some insight into her time as a Trainee.

Markus, first of all, what does the new Trainee scheme exactly look like?

Markus S.: Well, we basically look for tomorrow’s prospective executive. In order to create the best basis for that, we offer an international and interdisciplinary 18 months long trainee program for 3-4 young business talents – including a permanent contract from the start. This is complemented by regular on the job training as well as personal support by a mentor. And the best thing is: the Trainees are totally free to focus on key areas depending on their interests and skills.

Sounds interesting. And what exactly would be the Trainees’ day to day tasks?

Markus K.: The Trainees will work on current projects to help develop our strategic business. They support the areas International Project and Account Management, Sales, Finance and Controlling in the operational day to day business. Besides, they work closely with our top management. They will also get valuable insights into our international service portfolio by spending a few months at one of our international locations.

So the candidates should definitely be excellent networkers and willing to collaborate closely with internal expert teams as well as international locations.

 What else do the prospective Trainees absolutely need to bring?

Markus S.: The young people should already have completed their university degree in business (or similar) and have collected some practical work experience next to their studies – preferably abroad. Strong commitment, goal orientation and a true hands on mentality paired with a confident appearance are also decisive. Plus, we require strong communication and presentation skills in both German and English.

Markus K.: I’m sure Lisa, our former Trainee, who has been our International Project Manager in Nuremberg since the end of 2015, can give you a good insight into her experiences as a Trainee and provide some tips to potential candidates.

So Lisa, what did you take with you from your time as a Trainee?

Lisa: Definitely many valuable insights and experiences. I had the chance to cover the company’s key departments – from Account, Project and Bid Management, to HR. This way I was able to put the various puzzle pieces of the business together pretty quickly, I could better understand different contexts and most of all I developed a feeling for the different departments’ interests.

Working in the different departments, I was also able to make many contacts early on and build a strong network in the company. Besides that, the changing tasks helped me find out what I really enjoy doing and where my strengths are: in project management.

And what are your tips for those interested in a traineeship with SELLBYTEL?

Lisa: Communicate a lot with your colleagues and use your time to find out what you want to achieve and what you are really good at. The most important thing to me is, though: be open-minded, proactive and authentic!

Thanks a lot for the interesting insight into the SELLBYTEL Group’s new Trainee program!


Are you up for an exciting international start with us as a Trainee? Apply now!

Our colleague Anne Schwoerig, Recruiter, will support as well as guide the candidates throughout the entire recruitment process. So feel free to get back to Anne with your questions or feedback:

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