SELLBYTEL Career Coach: The Top 5 Application Trends Of 2016

Digitalization clearly marks the new standards when it comes to job applications. Whether it comes to online profiles, mobile recruiting, or developing wholly new application designs and formats, clever candidates just know how to use the new options effectively. And thereby strongly enhance their chances of being recognized by the respective recruiters. After all, that’s what it’s all about, right? In order to perfectly prepare you for your next application, we will introduce you to our top 5 tips that make a successful application in 2016. 

  1. Be recommended

It is very common for competent employees to have a network with similarly skilled individuals. In the US pretty much everyone knows this rule by now. In Germany, for instance, recommendation marketing is still in the trial phase. But still, more and more companies have started to reward recommendations with a bonus. That recommendation marketing can be done online is demonstrated by job portals like How does this work? You only become a member if you were recommended by someone else.

Helena Stepanow, SELLBYTEL HR Manager, comments: “Employees that were recruited through recommendations are usually the most valuable ones: they come on board faster, they match better, they integrate quicker, stay longer, are more committed and productive, and they are more likely to later recommend someone themselves. Thus, networking is clearly the way to go!”

  1. Get active

On the one hand applicants are increasingly approached by recruiters and businesses directly. On the other hand interested candidates can get active themselves and explore new professions through e-learning, for instance. By engaging in self-educated learning in a specific field, you can raise attention for your expertise through clever articles or stories on a blog or forum.

Helena Stepanow adds: “But make sure to only publish high-quality content. Poor content can eliminate you at the blink of an eye. Good content, however, is a great way to advertise yourself, make yourself more tangible and develop your own social identity!”

  1. Apply on the go

Mobile recruiting continues to gain popularity for both businesses and applicants. Hence just like in 2015, it remains one of the most important application trends in 2016. Accordingly the career pages of both bigger and smaller companies have long been optimized for mobile end devices. New job apps like SelfieJobs refer to someone’s online profile and simply send out the application on the go. Attention: make sure to match your application with the respective position and avoid mass applications, just because the process only takes three clicks.

  1. Present yourself: public profile

Online candidate search continues to be the preferred method for many recruiters. A well maintained online profile can make an applicant stand out – even before the actual application has been sent out. In fact this has become a must-have for all (potential) job seekers. Our top tip: within your online profile you should always write down the respective task fields in the professional descriptions.

According to Helena Stepanow, “you should also make sure to join different groups that are relevant to your position or that are of interest to you. The more you are connected with other people and groups, the easier it will be for recruiters to find you.”

Presenting yourself also includes blogging, discussing, surfing and connecting across social networks: if you present yourself, you will be seen. And you will see that by pushing your online presence, you might end up with your dream job without actually having applied for it.

  1. Be flexible & creative: design & format

Luckily strict formal requirements to applications are a thing of the past by now. Yet the key still is: clarity. The reader has to be able to grasp the most important points superfast. For your CV that means, take out unnecessary arguments and instead concentrate on the facts that are most relevant to the respective job. A pretty new trend is the so-called quick reader, a special cover sheet for a longer CV including a brief overview of a few key facts.

There is no second chance for a first impression. For your portfolio to stand out, it should not only convince content-wise, but also be a visual joy to look at. So make sure both your cover letter and CV have a clear structure and format. Use a range of color concepts, fonts or designs to create a consistent, individualized and eye-catching portfolio. And if your content also makes you look like you are the perfect fit for the respective position, then the door to a personal interview should be fully open.


So … it is all about getting out there and making yourself visible! Bet it through online profiles, recommendations or other online publications, like blogs or forums. Individuality, flexibility and creativity are finally what it comes down to when you develop your own application portfolio.

Do you want to put our tips into practice straight away? Go have a look at our website and apply for one of our interesting open positions!

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