SELLBYTEL Sales Lab: A New Future In Inside Sales

What happens if you provide your sales employees with an exceptional work environment and tools? The SELLBYTEL Group has been testing just that with its “Sales Lab” for an Inside Sales team in Barcelona since the start of the year. We have been collaborating successfully with our client, a leading ad sales and microblogging platform, for over a year now. And since we are constantly in search of optimization, we took the opportunity to check out what we could do on top.

According to Philipp Grimm, VP Worldwide Sales and Sales Lab initiator, “offering our people a great work environment – that is what our scheme is all about. The key idea is that we put our long-term focus on our employees. That means we give them the right tools, we show them how to apply them and how to get the most out of them. This is how people will start to create their own success, become more productive and eventually stay with the company longer. Higher employee satisfaction will then automatically result in greater revenue. In a nutshell, we offer a new Inside Sales environment bound to SELLBYTEL core values to eventually increase the quality, efficiency and transparency of our solutions.”

What does the Sales Lab exactly look like?

Many times sales are very much numbers-based. But what if you change your employees’ mindset, so that they truly develop the desire to achieve something big? The Sales Lab is all about people empowerment. Our employees get the chance to work more independently and thereby develop greater ownership of their clients.

Why do we do it?

Based on the empowerment of our people, the Sales Lab shall crack the code on Inside Sales and create a new future in sales. The idea is to win against all benchmarks, prove our power of innovation, boost people passion and motivation and make smarter decisions on investments.

After all, we want to become an even better partner to our clients and provide them with a higher ROI.

What are our KPIs?

We measure our results against the level of employee retention, employee satisfaction and revenue per head. These are our key success indicators. Here the positive correlation between employee happiness and revenue is particularly important to us.

We are planning to add and adapt further KPIs in the future, because we strongly believe in the transparent tracking of our results.

So how do we do it?

In detail, the Lab is built on the following four themes:

Environment + Technology + Information + Motivation

  • Environment

This includes the look and feel of the office environment, such as the equipment and décor of desks or meeting rooms. This is all about creating a feel good atmosphere. Employees are held to bring their own creativity into the work space and we foster new ideas to bring these to life.

The new environment shall motivate employees to come to the office earlier, stay longer or just feel at home at work.

  • Technology

Here we provide state of the art technology and new technical tools. Examples are wireless headsets, live chats and excellent data analytics tools, to name a few. Overall, the new technology shall enable our people to do their job smarter and more efficiently.

  • Information

This involves the provision of transparent news sources, such as TV screens showing regular performance updates as well as market data from different sources in a live feed through Tweetdecks, Google News & Alerts as well as real time performance updates. The empowerment and ongoing education of people are crucial here. Information about the market, customers and client organization shall support people with transparency and more knowledge to do their sales job at a higher quality level.

  • Motivation

This is about staging regular incentive schemes, where best-in-class results are incentivized to maximize performances and team members rewarded for their exceptional commitment.

Philipp Grimm explains: “The main reason why we call this a “lab” is because we constantly optimize and adapt these four themes. To us this is all about finding the most efficient structure for our employees by informing as well as educating them on a regular basis. And once we have established this, it is fairly easy to transfer the approach to other sales projects.”

What are the main challenges?

The central challenge is to evaluate which instruments work and which ones don’t. In order to correctly assess this we carefully monitor and evaluate their effectiveness. That means we compare performances quarter over quarter and dive deep into the data. We thereby see whether we actually got better ourselves or if it is just the market that improved.

Maximizing the effectiveness and level of innovation can be pretty challenging. To support this we offer employee incentives connected with state of the art technology. We further constantly innovate and develop the lab by re-adapting our strategy on a bi-quarterly basis.

Another challenge is to permanently involve employees in our decision-making processes. As a result regular feedback talks with people are always high on our agenda.

We will continue to update you on our brand-new Sales Lab in the coming months. So stay tuned!

Please feel free to get back to Ferdinand Grimm via with questions or feedback.

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