SELLBYTEL Barcelona: Another strong year ends – interview with Helena Guardans i Cambó

It is fair to say that SELLBYTEL Barcelona has by now fully established its position as a key global hub for the SELLBYTEL Group. This year in particular, the strategically important location has continued to strengthen this role. Now this interview is the perfect opportunity for Helena Guardans i Cambó, Managing Director of SELLBYTEL Spain and successful entrepreneur, to look back on a very successful year and to provide an outlook on 2015.

Mrs. Guardans, how do you assess SELLBYTEL Barcelona’s performance in 2014?

Looking back, I am extremely happy with our results this year. We have once again managed to grow tremendously. Our headcount, for instance, has increased by about 13% this year. When it comes to our client projects, we have extended our collaborations with existing high-profile clients, but we also won new partners that represent some of the most well-known companies in the world. This demonstrates that our clients are very satisfied with our services and it specially shows how engaged our people are with the brands they represent. We have developed strong relationships both within the IT sales business and customer service for the fashion industry, for example. Innovation and great engagement have been the keys to this success. The e-commerce industry continues to boom. We jumped on that bandwagon early on by providing highly personalized services to our clients and efficient customer relationship management tools.

We have further extended our services to additional locations. Respectively, we now also collaborate very closely with our teams in Kuala Lumpur to deploy similar service solutions for two major clients out of this important hub.

This year’s impressive development, however, was only possible through our people. We are very lucky to have such motivated and committed employees, who – whenever you give them the chance to grow – will take each opportunity and help bring the company forward. I believe that this great drive and engagement makes SELLBYTEL’s DNA very unique.

What was your most memorable achievement this year and what was the key to this?

One very decisive accomplishment was definitely the Global Alignment Program. We pursue a clear goal: from the alignment of key processes and structures between sites, to the transparency that will help us all become part of a single and global team.  As you can imagine, this is not the work of one single person, not even the responsibility of a group or a single site. The success of this program depends exclusively on the involvement and support of everyone in the company.

The best example is the ongoing expansion of projects to additional global locations. To me, the key to this success is our strong focus on mutual learning and knowledge sharing between locations and projects.

How is the outsourcing sector developing in Europe and how do you keep up with this trend?

The outsourcing industry in Europe has been changing a lot lately. Until a few years ago, companies were principally looking for the lowest price.  While price still remains a decisive factor, the lower price now must be based on higher efficiency levels, rather than lower personnel salaries.

Most importantly, nowadays the outsourcing partner has to be a major specialist in the respective field and provide better solutions.  We need to have more expertise than our partners and share with them the best practices we have learned from others. Quality is a given. Now we need to guide our partners to excellence.

So our approach is to offer state of the art solutions providing maximum service quality, efficiency and transparency. This again enables the growth of our business and our results, both key to our sustainability.

How will Barcelona further contribute to the SELLBYTEL Group’s ongoing international expansion and success in 2015?

I can proudly say that Barcelona constitutes the most significant global hub for SELLBYTEL. Over the years, the location has come across with innovations and new structures that have helped advance the SELLBYTEL Group as a whole. A good example is the latest set up of the business intelligence team. We will undoubtedly continue to follow this path of innovation in 2015.

Thus, our next step will be to develop even more into a “truly global company”. I thereby mean a way of working together, reinforcing transparency in communication and sharing knowledge. In a nutshell, all of us need to work towards the same goals in order to transmit one single global vision and feel of our brand!

Speaking of goals… what is your main goal for 2015 personally as an entrepreneur as well as for SELLBYTEL as a whole?

My personal goal is to approach my work with as much passion and fun as this year. I also look forward to reinforcing the distinct sensitivity for our clients’ needs.

And very importantly, I want every single employee in the company to be aware that they are part of something meaningful and big!

When it comes to SELLBYTEL as a business, my declared goal is to help push the Group forward globally through ongoing innovations. Plus, I support as well as reward the great hunger for growth of our ambitious and passionate employees. After all, they are the ones responsible for our outstanding success!

Thanks a lot for the insightful interview and all the best for 2015.


Text: Anna-Luisa Wiefel

Editors: Andrea Aumüller, Paloma Chavez, Carla Martinez

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