The opportunity of doing business in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is home to many of the world’s leading technology companies and thousands of small startup businesses, making it the largest concentration of technology companies in the United States. A leading hub for high-tech innovation and development, the region benefits from one-third of the total venture capital investment in the United States.

At first, the term Silicon Valley referred to the area’s large number of silicon chip innovators and manufacturers. However, eventually the term comprised all high-tech businesses in the area and is today commonly utilized as a synonym for the leading American technology sector.

The SELLBYTEL Group continues to flourish in this promising region, currently calling it one of its strongest growing markets by supporting four of Silicon Valley’s five largest companies. The outsourcing specialist’s focus on diversity, its successful client partnerships, the direct presence of key decision-makers from existing clients in Europe/Asia, as well as favorable local economic conditions create substantial opportunities for ongoing growth not only in Silicon Valley, but in North America as a whole.

Now the question arises, what are the reasons for this economic appeal and what is the SELLBYTEL Group’s competitive advantage?


Reasons for Silicon Valley’s attractiveness as a business hotspot

Silicon Valley principally unites three types of technology businesses, including the so-called Old Tec (traditional firms), New Tec (established innovation leaders) and Cutting Edge Tec (upcoming game changers). This enables the Valley to constantly reinvent itself. Due to this great variety of technological expertise, the region attracts countless well-situated companies, successful entrepreneurs and thus venture capital. This combined with the wealth of excellent universities, such as Stanford and Berkeley, attract a strong density of engineering talent into the area.


Current state of SELLBYTEL’s business in Silicon Valley

The SELLBYTEL Group has doubled its employee headcount with a key client, an international provider of internet solutions, since the beginning of August. The team – consisting of several account managers, operations analysts and senior renewal specialists – now supports the client’s renewal enterprise business (contract renewals) in Silicon Valley as well as in Texas. The outsourcing specialist is currently in active discussions with various potential new clients throughout the whole of North America, including Southern California, Austin, Texas, North Carolina, New York City and Boston.

SELLBYTEL also benefits from the fact that Silicon Valley is home to the key decision-makers of already existing clients in Europe and Asia. This way, a basic geographic proximity to key decision-makers is given. In addition, the outsourcing specialist can transfer and duplicate its extensive expertise as well as experience from European/Asian projects – especially as regards New Media and IT – to the North American market.

The fact that SELLBYTEL has already established a solid infrastructure in the Valley further benefits ongoing growth. SELLBYTEL’s parent agency BBDO, for instance, which is very well situated in the region, provides vast levels of internal operational support such as physical locations, HR support and payroll administration. The extensive BBDO network – which has been built for more than 120 years and which SELLBYTEL is able to take advantage of – constitutes another important driver for success. Respectively, Brett Leonard, Vice President of Business Development in North America, has been the decisive factor connecting SELLBYTEL into this proven infrastructure.

Brett Leonard joined the SELLBYTEL Group in February 2014, when the business process outsourcing specialist reinforced its engagement in North America with a marketing and sales office in San Francisco. He is responsible for the expansion of existing and the development of new client relationships, enabling a deeper market penetration of SELLBYTEL in the US. He proactively communicates with existing and prospective clients on a daily basis. Brett’s focus is on developing new business by delivering tier one outsourcing solutions to multiple sectors in North America.


Key challenges and SELLBYTEL’s competitive advantage

The SELLBYTEL Group continues its journey on the road to sustainable success in Silicon Valley by adapting and transferring established processes (most notably recruitment) from Europe and Asia, as well as intensively scouting diverse talent at renowned universities in the area. The outsourcing specialist thereby demonstrates its focus on winning top notch talent – a clear differentiator from competitors. Respectively, Brett recently visited an interesting networking event, whereby the Senior Vice President of a leading Silicon Valley company gathered with a number of prominent high-tech luminaries to develop an innovative program connecting talented college students with Silicon Valley businesses.

The Silicon Valley has been challenged with an overall lack of diversity when it comes to businesses and their workforce. SELLBYTEL, however, has demonstrated the ability to recruit and retain a rich group of diverse people. Brett Leonard adds that SELLBYTEL’s strong differentiator is that “we are more than multi-lingual, we are multi-cultural”. The team in Mountain View, for instance, consists of people from India, Asia, Africa and Latin America. SELLBYTEL clearly promotes this diversity, which again drives innovation and new ways of thinking.

The SELLBYTEL Group constantly works on enhancing its brand recognition in Silicon Valley. The outsourcing provider has put great emphasis on positioning itself as a specialty provider concentrating on excellent quality solutions and balanced client partnerships with focus on a consultative role. In order to enhance brand recognition, SELLBYTEL continuously reaches out and networks with the leading thought leaders, organizations and companies.

SELLBYTEL’s approach further revolves around the proximity to the client and understanding as well as listening to their challenges. According to Brett Leonard, “SELLBYTEL does not merely understand the client’s business today, but also their strategies, objectives and challenges for tomorrow.”


Further opportunities for SELLBYTEL in North America

The SELLBYTEL Group will continuously grow its name and win additional clients, ranging from technology businesses to professional services companies (e.g. bio technology, financial institutions, food & beverage, automotive, pharmaceutical) as well as established start-ups that are now becoming publicly traded companies. The extended collaboration with existing SELLBYTEL clients from the European market – of which in fact the majority of decision-makers sit in the Silicon Valley area – will be central too.


According to Brett Leonard, the combination of the SELLBYTEL Group’s strong focus on promoting diversity as well as the vast amount of upcoming business talent in the area are the key factors for the outsourcing provider’s ongoing growth in Silicon Valley – and ultimately in the North American market as a whole.


Please feel free to reach out to Brett Leonard with any questions or comments via


Content: Brett Leonard

Text: Anna-Luisa Wiefel



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