Business trends and strategic opportunities in APAC and Silicon Valley

+++ SELLBYTEL Group Business Talk with VPs Brett Leonard and Eric Suzor +++

The SELLBYTEL Group continues its journey on the road to success: With constant global expansion and entrance to new markets. The APAC (Asia Pacific) region as well as North America (most notably Silicon Valley/California) are currently among the strongest growing markets for the outsourcing specialist. SELLBYTEL’s focus on quality, efficiency and transparency, its long-standing successful collaboration with existing global clients as well as favorable local economic conditions open up massive opportunities for further growth in Asia and North America.

The following interview provides an insight into the current state of SELLBYTEL’s projects in these two promising markets, outlines its successful approach, identifies trends, challenges and future opportunities. This is done with the help of Brett Leonard, Vice President of Business Development North America and Eric Suzor, Vice President APAC, strategic drivers and key success factors for the named markets. Please find a short introduction of the two at the end of the interview.

Would you give us an overview of your existing projects’ statuses in your individual markets?

Eric: Sure. Well, all of our clients are expanding, however, one of the newest to APAC, an international provider of internet services, is expanding the fastest and is expected to become our largest customer in 2015. The strategy is to consolidate the client’s full Asia support into Kuala Lumpur (KL), our major hub in Asia.

Brett: We have now established a physical presence in the heart of San Francisco’s Financial District over the past few months and we are in the commencement stages of establishing new business relationships in multiple sectors throughout Silicon Valley and the US market. I can tell you that we are in active discussions with current clients and prospective new clients ranging from technology to apparel companies. We have established an excellent infrastructure in the US, hence now it is principally about spreading the word and creating new long term business relationships.

Eric, how do you intend to develop SELLBYTEL further in APAC?

Eric: First and foremost, my aim is to attract SELLBYTEL clients from other markets into APAC, i.e. I want to “cut and paste” the services we deliver to our clients outside of Asia into APAC. So we help our partners grow quickly in this market. In addition, we are continuously innovating to provide new services for our existing clients, of which some have been adopted by SELLBYTEL worldwide. Until recently, our APAC services were centered on sales, now we are also diversifying into the full suite of SELLBYTEL services.

The decision to build our primary hub in Kuala Lumpur has served us very well. We are seeing more and more companies centralizing into KL, hence we are in a prime position to see rapid growth in the short term. KL’s enormous talent pool combined with a government-sponsored development of centralized outsourcing services enable a richer suite of services to be delivered compared to “traditional” outsourcing centers in the Philippines and/or India. These are more suitable for high-volume/routine regional tasks.

Overall, Asia constitutes an enormous opportunity for SELLBYTEL, our progression is only limited by our ability to consume the growth.

What direction is SELLBYTEL heading into in your respective markets?

Brett: In California,the Silicon Valley continues to constantly reinvent itself, especially in terms of new technology. SELLBYTEL clearly understands this trend, and adapts accordingly to keep pace with the growth and changes. This is reinforced by the fact that SELLBYTEL has a solid reputation and established close relationships with many large global players in the US. In essence, we keenly recognize and embrace market and sector changes, thus enabling our organization to keep on developing fresh and relevant solutions, while providing a highly global perspective to our clients and partners. This will continue to lead us in the direction of sustained growth in the US market.

Eric: In APAC, you can sum up the trend with one word: growth. We are experiencing enormous development with our existing clients. The fact that we bring in vast experience from other markets clearly differentiates us here. Moreover, our Asian partners are very open to innovation, i.e. they are willing to try out new strategies and services. The APAC region is a rather immature market when it comes to outsourcing. This has clearly played to our advantage. We have proved that we can inject the knowledge and experience of other established SELLBYTEL markets into APAC.

What are the current challenges in your markets? And why is SELLBYTEL prepared for them?

Eric: It is pretty hard to find experienced management in our industry and in some cases we have to import management. As we head into our 4th year of APAC wide operations, our aim is to create the next generation of top management out of the teams that have developed with us over the last 4 years.

We have experienced extremely fast growth in the last few years. Yet, with rapid growth in a new market comes the challenge of maintaining it without sacrificing quality. This is a typical luxury problem. So ensuring this balance is a continuous focus for me and the team.

Brett: For me, the primary challenge right now is to find and win the next big logo and/or start-up and create sustainable new partnerships for our organization. This will be accomplished by persistently identifying and developing the right business solutions for our future clients. I believe this is not ultimately a challenge, but an opportunity. If you look at the steady growth of SELLBYTEL over the past 25 years, it’s clear that we are well prepared to manage all kinds of challenges with our experience and expertise. This comes from our established management, people and our overall subject matter expertise as a global provider of outsourcing solutions.

What are the specialties of your markets? And how does SELLBYTEL deal with these?

Eric:The Government in KL created an excellent environment for our industry that enables us to easily import talent (for language and business culture needs) and develop a full APAC wide service in one location for our clients. SELLBYTEL’s unprecedented recruiting and talent scouting strategy enables us to serve any country needs from KL.

Since Asia is fairly new to outsourcing, there are no clear competitors and those that do exist tend to have little focus on strategic outsourcing services. We are developing our brand through tailored services for our customers rather than single box solutions. In addition, we offer our clients the flexibility of both centralized (on-site) and decentralized (remote) services to meet their unique needs.

What opportunities do you see for SELLBYTEL in your markets?

Eric: I am personally convinced that SELLBYTEL APAC has the potential to become as big as the European business. Currently the fastest growing region for SELLBYTEL, we have yet to fully realize the huge opportunity that is Asia. We are strongly focused on intensifying our reach in the market and providing high quality services to our partners driving accelerated growth in 2015.

Brett: Just like Eric, I clearly see ongoing expansion and growth for SELLYBTEL in North America. We will expand operations in the US with both current as well as new clients in the future. Our depth in global business process outsourcing enables us to leverage our extensive knowledge and experience from other international markets and transfer this to the US.

Finally, in one sentence, why SELLBYTEL?

Brett: We think, collaborate and perform globally… we are truly global!

Eric: SELLBYTEL is fast, engaged and available!

Thanks a lot for the interesting talk and all the best for your future with the SELLBYTEL Group!


Brett Leonard, Vice President of Business Development in North America, joined the SELLBYTEL Group in February 2014, when the business process outsourcing specialist reinforced its engagement in North America with a marketing and sales office in San Francisco. Brett is responsible for the expansion of existing and the development of new client relationships, enabling a deeper market penetration of SELLBYTEL in the US. He proactively communicates with existing and prospective clients on a daily basis. His focus is on developing new business by delivering tier one outsourcing solutions to multiple sectors in North America.

Eric Suzor, Vice President APAC, has been with the SELLBYTEL Group since 2008. He is responsible for growing and developing the SELLBYTEL business in the Asia-Pacific region. The SELLBYTEL Group currently operates in an impressive 13 countries and with more than 600 sales and service specialists in this market. Respectively, Eric makes sure the relationship and exchange with existing as well as new partners is optimized, while acting as a strategic advisor and a consultant to the client. Hence SELLBYTEL can be seen as a growth motor for its clients in this flourishing region.

Please get back to Brett Leonard or Eric Suzor with questions or comments via or


Text: Anna-Luisa Wiefel


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