The SELLBYTEL Group Application Coach: Post-Interview Tips

Part 5: What do I need to do after the actual job interview?

In our popular series „The SELLBYTEL Application Coach“, today I, Alexandra Kurtz, SELLBYTEL Group Head of Recruitment, will give you some final tips on the perfect application.

In times of a career change or job search in general, the applicant often finds himself in a number of job interviews. That’s why it is important to reflect on every interview, to be able to constantly improve and be more relaxed at future interviews. So your rework should always include an analysis of the conversation, the posed questions / answers given and the general atmosphere. This can make your comparison of job offers and thus your final decision much easier.

Ask yourself the following questions after the interview:

  • How did I feel during the interview? Was I relaxed?
  • Do I feel like I mentioned all important points or did I forget anything?
  • Did I have enough time to talk?
  • Did I listen attentively at all times?
  • Did I give various examples and precise answers?
  • Was my body language friendly, open-minded and competent?
  • Do I feel like I came across as friendly?
  • Did the atmosphere change in the course of the interview? If so, why and at what point?
  • Did I clearly bring across my strengths and my motivation?
  • Was I natural and myself all the way through?
  • Do I think my salary requirement is appropriate?
  • Did I learn enough about the company, the position and my interview partners?
  • What is my impression of the company’s style of work, colleagues and work atmosphere?
  • Do I feel like this is the right job for me?
  • Are the company and I compatible and will I be able to meet my professional goals there?
  • Which positive/less positive things do I remember?
  • Are there any open questions I would like to have answered in a second conversation?
  • And finally: What could I highlight even more in the second interview (e.g. special experiences, soft skills)

Here is one more tip: Refresh your interview partner’s memory and enhance your personal impression by writing him/her a short E-mail after the interview. Emphasize your strong interest in the company and your suitability for the position once again. Remember to thank the recipient for the pleasant interview and keep the content short and simple.

Now go ahead and prepare your personal application for your dream position with the SELLBYTEL Group. We look forward to meeting you in person!

Here you find our currently open positions. Alternatively please contact the SELLBYTEL Group Human Resources department for enquiries +49 911 9339 3636.

We hope that this series gave you some useful ideas on how you can improve your application and get the job you always wanted!

Please get back to Alexandra Kurtz with questions or comments via

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