The SELLBYTEL Group Application Coach: Tips for the job interview

Part 4: What do I need to remember during the actual interview?

In our new series „The SELLBYTEL Application Coach“, today I, Alexandra Kurtz, SELLBYTEL Group Head of Recruitment, give you more tips on the perfect application.

In the job interview, the wheat is separated from the chaff. This is when the applicant has the opportunity to shine and prove not only his/her professional skills, but also skills such as attentive listening or dealing with challenging situations.

Hence today I will show you how to present yourself at your best in the next interview.


Here are the most important tips:


A solid handshake and a positive first impression are key. Don’t forget to sit down only when you are offered a seat.


Listen attentively and don’t hesitate to ask for clarification if you haven’t understood a question. Make sure to remember the name of your interview partner.

Reasonable argumentation

A logical and honest argumentation of your statements is very important. For instance, thoroughly discuss previous career changes (if applicable) and explain why you decided to change. Honesty will go a long way here!

Examples and precise statements

Always back up your statements with precise examples. You will see that these will remain in your potential employer’s memory and make your arguments more credible. Besides, try to give concrete answers at all times and thoroughly discuss those stations of your life most relevant to the position.


Express your honest opinion if you are asked a critical question, however, you should avoid criticizing previous employers or colleagues.

Body language

A positive body language is crucial, if you want to come across as likable and competent. Next to your professional qualifications, the personal impression you make is the key precondition for a subsequent employment.

  • Remember to keep eye contact with all participants at all times.
  • React to your interview partner’s statements. That way, he/she can see that you are listening and that you take him/her seriously.
  • Smile whenever it is appropriate. This loosens up the conversation.
  • Sit down in an upright, relaxing, open and calm position.
  • Be attentive and demonstrate your enthusiasm. Be specific and confident.

Salary requirements

Make sure to express a realistic salary requirement. Here, it is recommended to be careful rather than too demanding!

The most important rule: Be yourself!

The employer wants to get to know you as a person during the interview. So just be yourself. Being open-minded and natural is the best way to go here. After all, the two of you want to find out if you actually match.


Now go ahead and put into practice what you just learned! Prepare your personal application for your dream position with the SELLBYTEL Group. We look forward to meeting you in person!

Here you find our currently open positions. Alternatively, please contact the SELLBYTEL Group Human Resources department for enquiries +49 911 9339 3636.

Please get back to Alexandra Kurtz with questions or comments via

To be continued soon.

4 thoughts on “The SELLBYTEL Group Application Coach: Tips for the job interview

  1. Hello
    Tomorrow i have a job interview and this tips made me more confortable and relax.
    I hope it turn out perfect.
    Best regards

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