The SELLBYTEL Group Application Coach: How to prepare for a telephone & personal interview

Part 3: How do I prepare for a telephone and/or a personal interview?

In our series „The SELLBYTEL Application Coach“, today I, Alexandra Kurtz, SELLBYTEL Group Head of Recruitment, provide you with more insider tips on the perfect application.

Telephone interview

A telephone interview is a great chance to present yourself out of your home environment, which means you are likely to be more relaxed. Besides, the respective employer gets a first impression of you and the chance to clarify the most important questions.

This is how you should prepare for your next phone interview:

  • Choose a quiet location (avoid background noise from family members or animals)
  • Make sure you have reception
  • Have your application portfolio right in front of you
  • Collect information on the respective company in advance (website & job advert)
  • Why are you interested in this particular employer, e.g. why SELLBYTEL?
  • What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
  • If applicable, what were the reasons for frequent job changes or unemployment?
  • Think of questions you want to ask the employer
  • Please do not smoke or chew gum during the interview
  • Please set your mobile phone on mute

Personal interview (on site)

Organizational preparation

  • Did you confirm the interview by E-mail or phone?
  • Do you have a copy of your cover letter / CV as well as the invitation letter and – if applicable – further important documents with you?
  • Do you know where the company is located and how long you will need for the journey? Have you researched parking options?
  • Do you remember the name of your contact person?

Content preparation

  • Did you read through your CV and cover letter once again, especially regarding the aspect of what differentiates you from other applicants?
  • Did you think of relevant professional experience you can mention?
  • Did you collect information about the company on its website?

For example:

Where is the company located and are there any mother or sister companies?
Do you know all their products / services?
What exactly does the company do?
How many employees does the company have?
Is the business currently expanding, if so, where to?

  • Have you noted down your professional successes / setbacks and your personal strengths / weaknesses?
  • Have you thought of other potential questions?

For example:

Why are you interested in working for this particular company?
Why have you decided to pursue this specific education / profession?
Why should the company give the position to you?
What are your goals in life / what do you want to achieve personally and professionally?
How would your friends describe you?
How much do you want to earn? (incl. arguments: How exactly will you benefit the employer?)
Think of relevant questions you could ask the employer!

Personal preparation

  • Clothes: This varies depending on the industry. In the insurance industry, for instance, you dress differently than in the IT business. By all means, your clothes have to be clean and tidy.
  • Jewellery: Please wear discreetly.
  • Make-Up: Less is more here. Please do not use strong perfumes / deodorants.
  • Shoes: Your shoes must be clean and elegant.
  • Groomed hair and a fresh shaving are absolutely essential.

Would you like to put into practice what you just learned? What are you waiting for? Apply now for your dream position with the SELLBYTEL Group! We look forward to meeting you in person!

For our currently open positions click here. Alternatively, please contact the SELLBYTEL Group Human Resources department for enquiries +49 911 9339 3636.

Please get back to Alexandra Kurtz with questions or comments via

To be continued soon.

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