The SELLBYTEL Group Application Coach: how to prepare a winning application

Part 2: How do I prepare a winning application?

In our new series „The SELLBYTEL Application Coach“, today I, Alexandra Kurtz, SELLBYTEL Group Head of Recruitment, give you more tips on the perfect application.

Photograph, cover letter, CV, certificates: things that should not be missing in your application portfolio!


A professional photograph is crucial, as it gives the reader a first impression of your personality. Firstly, tell the photographer how you want to appear on your photo (e.g. tough, creative, open-minded). A good photographer will be able to visually portray this. Secondly, choose the image best transferring your personality and the one you can actually identify yourself with. Thirdly, ask your friends, family or fellow students about your effect: Am I authentic on the image? Is the picture suitable for the desired industry? Finally, always remember: Personality is key!

Cover letter

A good cover letter can make the difference. If you get it wrong, you could instantly land on the “declined” pile.

The perfect cover letter should answer the following questions:

• Why are you applying with this particular company?
• Why are you applying for this specific position?
• What qualifies you for this position?
• Why should the company give the job to you?
• How can you prove your previous experience and success with specific examples?
• Which other information might be important to the decision maker (salary requirements, end of studies, earliest entry date)?

Focus on those points most relevant to the respective position! Remember: Keep it short and sweet!


The core of your application – your CV should be a short summary of your most important stations (qualifications, experience, knowledge and skills). Very important: say WHAT you are and emphasize relevant experiences/skills (not necessarily WHERE you gained them!). An attractive profile page prior to your classic CV is a great way to leave a positive impression right away.


• Headline: Applicant name or “CV”
• Application photo
• Personal data (name, address, telephone, email, date and place of birth) (data about parents/siblings are irrelevant!)
• Education (school, apprenticeship and studies)
• Work experience (internships and jobs)
• Knowledge & skills (computer, languages)
• Hobbies/Engagement (3-4 suffice!)
• If applicable: list of own publications
• If applicable: awards
• If applicable: references
• Place, date, signature

The different points can be arranged according to your individual circumstances. It is, for instance, advisable for applicants with relevant experience to place the section on “work experience” before the one on “education”.

One last tip: Remember that the requirements regarding content/format of your application can vary across nations. For example, application photos are unusual in the Anglo-American region.

Now go ahead and put into practice what you just learned! Prepare your personal application for your dream position with the SELLBYTEL Group. For our currently open positions click here. Alternatively please contact the SELLBYTEL Group Human Resources department for enquiries +49 911 9339 3636.

Please get back to Alexandra Kurtz with questions or comments via

To be continued soon.

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