The SELLBYTEL Group Application Coach: tips on how to find open positions

With job markets becoming increasingly competitive and companies’ application processes getting tougher, a winning application is more important than ever. However, overwhelmed by the flood of online portals, apps and books promising a flawless application, many applicants find themselves lost and confused by the abundance of information.

SELLBYTEL’s extensive hiring experience and continuous efforts put into the recruitment of talents have over the years generated a wealth of valuable knowledge regarding application processes. Therefore I, the SELLBYTEL Group’s Head of Recruitment, Alexandra Kurtz, will from now on regularly provide readers with first-hand tips on the perfect application. Divided into five parts, the series “The SELLBYTEL Application Coach” covers the following topics:

  • Part 1: How and where can I find open positions?
  • Part 2: How do I prepare a winning application?
  • Part 3: How do I prepare for a telephone/face-to-face interview?
  • Part 4: What do I need to remember during the actual interview?
  • Part 5: What do I need to do after the interview?

Part 1: How and where can I find open positions?

Internal research

Rule number 1: If you are already employed with a company and you want to develop further in your career, why don’t you contact your HR department or check the company website for internal opportunities? Please find currently available SELLBYTEL jobs here. Alternatively please contact the SELLBYTEL Group Human Resources department for enquiries +49 (0)911 9339 3636.


Networking is the keyword! Discuss your career plans regularly with family, relatives and friends. You should not underestimate the power of your personal network. Also look out for job fairs. These allow you to talk to employers directly and maybe get an instant invite to an interview.

Social networks

Get in touch with HR people from companies you’d like to work for on social business networks like LinkedIn and ask them questions on the company. After all, asking doesn’t cost anything!

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

SMEs frequently provide promising career opportunities. Specific lists (for instance from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce) can help you find companies in your region. While large global companies sometimes offer static career opportunities, businesses like the SELLBYTEL Group enable rapid individual careers. Go and see yourself!

Speculative applications

A speculative application can result in an invitation to a personal interview before a position has officially been published. Remember: First come, first served!

Online and press job adverts

In order to get the best out of your efforts, you should always keep an eye on job posts online as well as in the daily press. Many online portals also allow you to save your profile and receive an instant mail when new jobs are available. Company-own Facebook pages are a great way to get a feel for the firm’s character and thus your mutual “matching points”.

Please get back to Alexandra Kurtz with questions or comments via

To be continued soon.

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