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Quality becomes personal – THE QUALITY AMBASSADOR

A decentralised organised private health insurance (PHI) with several customer service centers of different sizes faces a huge problem: How can you ensure the same level of service quality at all sites? Elaborate and expensive staff trainings improved the quality only temporary. The service quality rose significantly for a short time, but after a quick peak it quickly dropped to the average service rout    ine. More needs to be done for not going back to “business as usual” but for providing uninterrupted attention and for meeting the customers’ needs on a superior level, even above their expectations. Of course without being more costly. Not only the service managers of health insurances ask themselves: “How is that possible?”

It’s not impossible

Harald Sontowski, CEO, Trainer and keynote speaker of aha!TALENTEXPERTS, a Nuremberg, Germany based coaching agency proves that it’s possible. He developed the concept of the Quality Ambassador and trains service- and sales staff from multiple industries with significant results: “Four aspects characterise the Quality Ambassador: 1. According to this concept, every company is a self-learning organisation. 2. Thus, companies can save costs and at the same time provide a continuous improvement in quality and a better comparability of their service level. 3. We create measurable key performance indicators through predefined visible and hearable tipping points that make coachings measurable and adjustable. 4. Training takes place in short sessions and small groups so that the daily work process stays uninterrupted,” explains Sontowski.

Sounds good, but is it feasible? Sontowski: “The Quality Ambassador has come of age and has been successfully used for four years in the following sectors: health care, tourism, retail and new media.” It is applicable in any sales- or service project, with a need for a consistently high quality level. The following example shows how the Quality Ambassador stands up in practice.

Sales and management training for an international courier service

An international courier service from Southern Germany, with more than 100 employees in service and sales, took part the Quality Ambassador training for optimizing their sales- and service level and at the same time improving their executives’ management skills. Due to a high staff turn over and growth in numbers, the teams are made of many new members, whose knowledge has to be improved as fast as possible. The team leaders’ know how has to be handed down to the new staff and they need to adopt it in a measurable way. The demand is to keep the sales calls on a consistent quality level – even without external trainings.

Solution: The Quality Ambassador

aha!TALENTEXPERTS masters the challenge through adequate training of the team leaders with the concept of the Quality Ambassador. Coaches of aha!TALENTEXPERTS together with the team leaders define small learn steps – the so called tipping points or customer contacts points. These important interfaces work as the parameter for the sales quality. The usual tipping points are: opening of the conversation, determination of needs, benefit presentations, dealing with objections, closing techniques and many more. Tipping points have a strong influence on the performance quality. Thus it is important to continuously train the sales staff; especially when the performance decreases. The trainings take place during the workday and consist of small groups that must not exceed five people under the lead of the Quality Ambassador. The single units are split up into so-called Short Cut Lessons that take about 20 minutes. Through this system, the Quality Ambassador can quickly and flexibly apply necessary optimizations to keep the performance high. In no time the team leaders learn to fill the role of the Quality Ambassador / Multiplicator through a thought through and proven system. They get all the necessary tools like scripts, practice sheets or advice for organising.

Improvement with side effects

Team leaders use the new coaching tool intensively. Their confidence grows significantly through the acquired skills of teaching sales techniques. That has a positive effect on the general leadership qualities of the team leader. The sales team happily applies the newly acquired content when making a sales call. The numbers send a clear signal, too. After only half a year managers and staff are very content. Employees receive the training as an investment in their resources and the management is happy that no external coaches are necessary. The final stage are feedback units between aha!TALENTEXPERTS coaches and the trained Quality Ambassadors not more often than twice a year. The company transformed into a self-learning organisation.

Text: Iris Röder

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