On the fast lane – The new international sales trainee program of the SELLBYTEL Group

Some people like it fast and efficient. They accomplish High school and college in no time at all and with the utmost dedication. They finish their master thesis shortly after their bachelor without any urge, just because anything else would have been boring. Young professionals who are creative and ambitious chase every challenge. They don’t look for the comfort zone but for the career ladder – the faster the better.

The SELLBYTEL Group pays tribute to this phenotype by installing a new trainee program: Within a year’s timespan only these high potentials will be earning the professional skills for international management, whereas normally four to five years experience on the job are necessary.

“Of course this picture is a little bit exaggerated,” laughs Aytac Gül, Group Operations Director Sales and head of the trainee program. “This training aims strongly towards high performance, international best performers. The training is highly demanding, tailored to the single individuals and prepares the participants for communicating with international decision makers on eye-level. After passing the trainee year successfully they will be managing a project somewhere on the globe and will be part of the middle management of the SELLBYTEL Group.

Three modules and a throw in at the deep end

It’s very ambitious to teach four to five years’ experience of professional skills within one year. Yet, Aytac Gül, who has this certain hands-on mentality, has thought it through very thoroughly, when he was developing this trainee program. “I learned the outsourcing business from scratch. I started as a call agent in a project and took over several positions within seven years,” explains the experienced manager. “I know what’s important and where the challenges of this job are. As we are growing rapidly, we have a constant need of perfectly equipped junior executives. We cannot afford to make mistakes in our business. Thus it is important to design a highly efficient training that’s tailored to management tasks. We don’t want to trap people with false promises. We depend on that our program is workable, it’s not a bluff package!” confirms Gül.

The trainee program is split into three modules. “I personally care for the future executives, that’s important. As we will be having only four trainees, the one-to-one supervision will be great. We begin at the Nuremberg headquarters. In the first module the trainees get insights into all relevant departments. We will give them a management task for every department, and they will present their solution to the CEO. Of course there will be meetings with me on a regular basis, where we will clarify issues and work on solutions. The second module will be focussing more on the practical side, a throw in at the deep end. The young colleagues will get to know national and international projects, they will have a glance over the shoulder of the operation managers and they will take over first management and sales tasks. Furthermore they will receive a specific task from every project. The results will be presented to the CEO again,” says Gül about the architecture of the twelve-month program.

Individual training and task force deployment

After the first sixth month, when the strengths and areas of development of every participant are obvious to the trainer, the individual training period starts. That’s the beginning of the third module. “For example, if a trainee’s presentation skills are not on an international decision maker level, he will get a tailored training therefore. By doing so, we aim towards the growth points of every single participant. That’s very effective. Afterwards the management trainees will be on a task force deployment with me,” explains Gül.

A task force deployment means that Gül and his team of trainees offer help to projects that need operational support, e.g. with turnarounds or redesigns. We are with the team onsite, analyse the optimisation potential and work out a solution. Once the optimisation or the redesign is accomplished, we will turn to another project that needs our support,” explains Aytac Gül.

“Normally a deployment takes several weeks and is possible world wide. After the task force period, the trainees have learned the essential challenges and solutions. These valuable experiences are normally gained after 4 to 5 years in the job. After the trainee year they are definitely ready to successfully lead a team. And that’s what they will be doing,” continues the experienced manager.

When will the program begin?

“The first trainee began on February 1st 2014. Applications may be submitted at any time. An individual conception provides a flexible start into the program and with four trainees per year I can individually care for them,” explains Gül.

Please find more details about the trainee program in this job offer. If you are interested please contact Mr Gül via Aytac.Guel@sbt-group.com or our contact form.


Text: Iris Röder

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